High-End Experiential Travel in New Zealand

How We Work

In short - we find out what you want, put together an itinerary on that basis, and agree it with you.  We have never run the same itinerary twice as each of our clients has had unique requirements, and these itineraries are priced according to the budget you give us.

Some clients like to give us a high-level briefing and send us on our way to building something.  Others like to be involved at the detailed level, making multiple decisions for each day.  We are happy to adapt to whichever system suits you.

The most important building block for us is to develop an understanding of you, what you like, what you don't like, what you are comfortable with, and what you are not comfortable with.  Once we have this, we can recommend certain options. 

A critical part of our job is to ensure you are at the right places.  Not all 5-star properties are the same.  Some are more formal than others.  Some attract a particular clientele.  Some have had management changes which have resulted in changes of style.  

Another critical factor is to put you with the right people - although many of our specialist guides are highly experienced with people and can adapt to most styles.

We need to understand what pace suits you.  Some people want to see the country and change accommodation every night.  Others like to spend 3-4 days at each place and take a more leisurely approach.

And finally, we need to understand how much you want to spend.  There is absolutely no point in us developing a $50k itinerary for someone who only wants to spend $5k.  And vice versa.   So please do tell us how much you want to spend and we will ensure the itinerary fits that requirement too.

We can communicate face to face (if you are in New Zealand or one of our people is in your part of the world), by telephone, or by e-mail.  Let us know which you prefer.