High-End Experiential Travel in New Zealand

Ahipara Luxury Travel New Zealand

We specialise in luxury tourism (6, 5 and 4+ star) focused on connecting you with New Zealand through special people, places and activities.  Truly special, authentic New Zealand holidays that you will remember for many years.  We don't just sell luxury accommodation.

What does this mean for you?

  • We understand, monitor, and have relationships with a wide variety of New Zealand accommodation, activity, and transport providers.  Some of these are commonly available, some are not.
  • We know who is performing, who isn't and what the latest changes of management mean.  We know this first-hand, not from the internet and not through other people
  • We regularly and consistently put together leading edge luxury tours of New Zealand for our clients from all around the world
  • We have the ability to create, innovate, and take things as far as you want. We don't just package what other people do
  • Every New Zealand luxury vacation starts with a blank sheet of paper as we build up our understanding of you.  We do not put together packages and then sell them to everyone as a "one size fits all"
  • We have for years been perfecting our ability to meaningfully connect our clients into the more important currents which define New Zealand
  • Over the years we have built up access to some very special people and places
  • We have a true in-country concierge service - responsive, intelligent and effective
  • Our pricing is detailed and transparent

We're not just a booking agency - we're a global leader in innovative, personal, responsive and experiential tourism based in New Zealand.