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Eagles Nest

Bay of Islands

Eagles Nest

A lovely sophisticated experience in the Bay of Islands.  A good place for some rest and relaxation in one of the warmest parts of the country blessed by beaches, islands, dolphins and excellent game fishing.

Eagles Nest is not what we call "lodge style" accommodation.  It is more villa style accommodation with beautifully designed villas incorporating pools, jacuzzis, modern art and the latest in electronic gadgetry.  Add to this service which you can switch on or off as you wish, chefs and masseuses on call, and lovely views and privacy, and you have something very special indeed.

There are 5 villas to choose from - villas which would suit 3 couples travelling together, or a family group, or a honeymoon couple, as well as the new creation, Rahimoana, something out of a James Bond set.  The smaller villas are reasonably priced for friends travelling together or families and our favourite is probably Sacred Space.  The new villa, Rahimoana (incidentally we have the kudos of putting the first clients here) is very expensive but has deservedly won many major design awards. 

Our recommended activities here include:

Maori experiences

From two hours to two weeks long.  Historical, adventure, learning, spiritual.  The north is the birthplace of Maori in New Zealand and we can provide a unique introduction to this world of real Maori.


Ideally you will have three days here, so spend one at least doing nothing in your villa

Water-based activities

The Bay of Islands is stunning.  On a lovely day the blue of the unpolluted sky melds with the turquoise of the sea and the green of the many islands surrounding the Bay.  Either take a yacht or a launch and enjoy the area, or if fancy your chances at some of the best gamefishing in the world (Jan-Apr), then take off in search of Marlin, Tuna and Swordfish.


Either with a Maori feel, or a bracing, difficult and long coastal hike


Up to the tip of the North Island - Cape Reinga - meeting place of two oceans and the point from which the souls of Maori jump into the sea; or along 90-Mile Beach


Three top courses close by, one of them globally recognised as a special course.

Distant but worthwhile

A quad bike ride over 300ft sand dunes (we've been working with this excellent outfit for 5 years now - Bill Gates tried them out earlier this year).

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