Seaplane landing at Lodge 199, Lake Tarawera, Rotorua

Silver Pine

Lake Wanaka

Lake Wanaka

Silver Pine is a special place.  The view from this small lodge is the closest thing we have seen to the view from a helicopter, the place is owner-hosted by a delightful couple, the food is excellent and the location fantastic.

With only four rooms, Silver Pine is probably the smallest lodge we recommend.  Built high up on a ledge at the juncture of Lake Wanaka and Lake Hawea, the view is something which has had more than one of our clients asking for a bottle of champagne.  Designed by a top architect, big views from every room are complemented by innovative use of modern materials together with native timber.

The lodge is managed by Susan Yates, who also doubles as an excellent chef.  Meals are served at the long table in the middle of the house and are always refreshingly different from what is served in most lodges.Silverpine_Coffee_Table

Her husband, Mike, is well-read, humorous and an excellent raconteur.  We like him so much we have asked him to become one of our guides - and you can see more about him in our guides section on this website.  Together, we have developed a number of unique experiences around this area.

Wanaka is an hour's drive north of Queenstown and is pleasantly removed from the busy-ness of Queenstown.  In addition, the place provides access to a number of activities which are fresher and less 'commercial' than those developed in Queenstown over the last decade.  We recommend:

  • a heli-jetboat-hike combination in Mount Aspiring National Park
  • a day with Everest climber Lydia Bradey (featured as a guide)
  • a day with wine entrepreneur Grant Taylor (featured as a guide)Silverpine_Bedroom
  • a day on a wilderness jetboat safari on the West Coast
  • Fly fishing
  • Hunting - Red Stags, Fallow and Chamois
  • Heli-skiing on your own mountain for the day

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