Quad Bikes on the Dunes, 90 Mile Beach

Breath-Taking VIP

Breath-Taking VIP

Firstly I would like to thank you for a wonderful trip you organized for our clients. To say they are happy is to say nothing. I'm sure they fell in love with your lovely country and will get back many times!

You are the highest professionals, attentive and client-oriented. Thank you for taking care of our VIPs

It is a real pleasure to work with such people

The accident with the back ticket was a real wonder and you are real magic makers. I wonder what I have done without you.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I hope when you come to Moscow we will be able to welcome you as warm as you welcomed your clients. By the way, are not you going to Moscow soon?

(The client in this case was Peter Aven, who has kindly allowed us to use his name.  A full press article about his trip is included on our Press page.)

Name withheld
  • 14-day helicopter tour for 11 people - high-profile clients from Russia
  • Top lodges rented on an exclusive basis
  • Russian-speaking travel manager and highly qualified security/outdoors guide
  • Personal waka (Maori canoe) attack by 18 warriors on a private beach
  • The first ever New Zealand installment of "heli-eeling"!
  • Top grade free range hunting and fishing around the country
  • Private rafting experience
  • Helicopter adventure in the Southern Alps with the first lady to climb Everest without additional oxygen
  • Freshly caught crayfish and paua (by our guides) in a number of locations
  • Separate activities organised for the children

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