High-End Experiential Travel in New Zealand

Lucy & Vladimir Karakashov

Dear Jean-Michel, Luca, Judy and Zuzana,
You are guilty!!!
Lucy and I hold you fully responsible for the serious offense of deliberately making us fall in love with New Zealand with all grave and irreversible consequences this entails.
Your guilty behavior started the moment we contacted Ahipara. You threw at us such a sequence of seductions we were unable to resist. You managed to fit in two weeks such a concentration of beauty, thrill and pleasure that has no match worldwide. In fact, where else on the planet can you have a 17-meter long sperm whale on your right and breathtaking snowy mountains on your left?
A further proof of your dark intentions - you left us with the impression we are doing everything on our own yet we were cared for in an exemplary way every single minute of our trip.
But most importantly - you made us meet truly remarkable people: Boris and his charming wife in Auckland, Delani in Taupo, Pete and Takutai in Marlborough Sounds, Harvey and Stacy in Makarora, not to mention our superb pilots on all three flights. This clearly demonstrates you acted with premeditation and were fully aware of the far-reaching consequences of your acts.
So the verdict is - guilty as charged! And the sentence is deferred but irrevocable - in 3-4 years time you will be obliged to create another NZ trip for us - as brilliant as this one, because it's simply impossible to do better!

Irrevocably yours
Lucy & Vladimir
Overijse, Belgium

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