A View Over Karekare Beach (film location for The Piano)

Cavalli Island Retreat

Cavalli Island Retreat

We used this place in February of this year as the setting for a billionaire's birthday party. We think it is unique in giving luxury clients a taste of how New Zealanders would spend their luxury dollars if they had enough of them.

Eco-friendly design, just 6 beds on a private island of 80 acres, excellent fittings, and the best view from a spa bed I have ever seen, all combine to make this a truly different sort of place to stay. Here, for once, the accommodation is really an experience.

Just off the main beach it is possible to snorkel for crayfish and scallops (our clients brought up three crayfish), while a short boat ride away is Kauri Cliffs golf course, lots of top-grade fishing, and some of the best diving in the country.

The resort comes with two boats (one 70-footer and a small amphibious Sea-Legs), a chef, and a spa therapist.

Cavalli_Dinner_SetupPeople often ask where I would stay if I could choose anywhere and budget was not an issue. The answer is here. Perfect for a Crusoe-esque escape from everything with all sorts of activities right on your doorstep. Excellent for families with only single-party bookings allowed and adventure memories forever for the children.

The island has some exciting development plans for the future - but we think the present is pretty exciting already!

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