The Haast River, just down from Haast Pass

People Are Important Too

People Are Important Too

One of the things I really enjoy about my job is continuously meeting special, wonderful people. Not just our clients, who can be tremendously entertaining, but the special people we select to make their time in this country memorable.

Recently we planned and trialled another special day. This time it was the Southern Alps by helicopter - a special day for the ladies in a group - the men were fly fishing and tahr hunting. Our guides were both ladies. Lydia Bradey is the first lady and first New Zealander to make it to the summit of Everest without oxygen. Flying the machine was Alex Ewing, an experienced young pilot from a long-standing local family. Together they showcased their favourite, hidden parts of the Southern Alps and in the process delighted our clients.

This worked so well I have booked the team again for another client, and this time I am making sure I have the time to accompany them!

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