High-End Experiential Travel in New Zealand

Our Staff

We have a reputation in the market for creativity, innovation, flexibility, openness and friendliness.  These attributes are exhibited by all our staff.  Ours is a complex small business and we believe in empowering staff to make decisions and establish their own relationships with key suppliers, agents and markets. 

We are not a "top down" organisation with strict segementation, but rather a flexible "matrix" based on mutual respect.  Therefore every staff member profiled here is highly capable and will have a multi-faceted role and expertise in the following:

  • expertise in our subject matter, luxury and experiential travel in New Zealand
  • expertise in developing and supporting key markets
  • direct responsibility for their clients while they are in-country
  • expertise in certain outbound markets
  • linguistic and cultural ability

Most importantly, our people care, they care about our clients, they care about doing the very best possible whatever the circumstances.