Waipara Hills, by Irina Bazhanova, Russian National Geographic Traveller

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New Zealand Regions

Any analysis of this country's regions will be either academic or subjective.  This one is unashamedly subjective and open to constant improvement.  Keeping abreast of everything wonderful and new which makes its appearance is impossible.  It's a particularly enjoyable part of our job, but time and money - sadly - are not...
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Exclusive Experiences

Back in 2001 we set ourselves an objective - to provide our clients with super-quality daytime experiences which would complement excellent accommodation.  It is a cornerstone of our philosophy that accommodation is only part of the equation and that therefore it was our duty to provide and if necessary invent top-quality experiences which...
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An Exclusive Experience

An Exclusive Experience - southern alps

In case you know anyone putting together "exclusive experiences", often preceded by words such as "ultimate" and "discerning", it might be worth putting this one in front of them... Our clients wanted a taste of "real New Zealand". They liked mountains, wildlife, food and real people. We suggested...
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People Are Important Too

People Are Important Too - southern alps

One of the things I really enjoy about my job is continuously meeting special, wonderful people. Not just our clients, who can be tremendously entertaining, but the special people we select to make their time in this country memorable. Recently we planned and trialled another special day. This time it was the Southern Alps by helicopter - a...
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Hunting, Fishing and Super Luxury

Hunting, Fishing and Super Luxury - southern alps

The best of New Zealand's hunting and fishing in ultimate luxury.
This is an itinerary which was designed for a group of people who didn't want to move around much and who wanted to experience the best of hunting and fishing in New Zealand.  The best time of year for hunting and fishing in New Zealand is March/April.  If there are...
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Family - Super Luxury and Active

Family - Super Luxury and Active - southern alps

A top-grade New Zealand itinerary designed for an active family with absolutely no limit on spending.
This itinerary was deisgned on request.  Our brief was to put together the very best New Zealand had to offer for a family of four.  Cost was immaterial and quality and exclusivity were paramount as were comfort, relaxation and...
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Lydia Bradey - Mountaineer

Lydia Bradey - Mountaineer - southern alps

Lydia Bradey is the first female as well as the first New Zealander to make it to the summit of Mount Everest with no additional oxygen.  As one can imagine, this is quite a breathtaking feat!  In developing her expertise, Lydia has been fortunate in growing up in the mountains of New Zealand's South Island which she got to know very...
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Wanaka Day - Helicopters and Jetboats

Wanaka Day - Helicopters and Jetboats - southern alps

This is quite a special one, starting from Silver Pine Lodge, just north of Wanaka.  Board your helicopter with a specialist nature pilot flying low over wild animals for that wonderful photo-opportunity.  After a spectacular flight across the Southern Alps (not far from Mount Cook) and Haast Pass, land at a remote West Coast river,...
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Breath-Taking VIP

Breath-Taking VIP - southern alps

Firstly I would like to thank you for a wonderful trip you organized for our clients. To say they are happy is to say nothing. I'm sure they fell in love with your lovely country and will get back many times! You are the highest professionals, attentive and client-oriented. Thank you for taking care of our VIPs It is a real pleasure to...
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Top Lodges & Quality Adventures

Top Lodges & Quality Adventures - southern alps

Huka Lodge was supreme, as was the Maori eco-tour we undertook in the Marlborough Sounds. The rafting in Queenstown and the helicopter to Mount Cook were favourites. Thank you for all your help.
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Photos from Arabia

Photos from Arabia - southern alps

Happy New Year to you & the lovely family. I hope all is well with my dear & life time friends in New Zealand. I still haven't recovered from my trip as I miss it badly. I just cant wait to get back there again.
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