High-End Experiential Travel in New Zealand


Welcome to our video page.  These have either been produced totally in-house, or by talented individuals on one of our trips.  They all feature things our clients have done and can do.  Some of them feature things only we can do.  (having tired of copy cats, in addition to creating some of our own signature experiences, we have now also made them exclusive to us).

So no marketing claptrap here, just reality as usual.  One of our guides, Steve Latty, is a highly experienced film cameraman and can accompany you while producing a video about your time in New Zealand, if you so desire. 


This clip is of a powhiri (welcome) on sacred mountain Mount Titiraupenga.  The location is exclusive to us in recognition of our special relationship with local Maori.  For a more in-depth discussion of what exactly a powhiri is, see here:  

In this one, chefs from Hapuku Lodge are snorkelling for paua (New Zealand black abalone), which is then cooked by the talented lodge manager, Chris Sturgeon.  With Maori roots and a long tradition of gathering and seeing to wild food, Chris produced some of the best paua we ever tasted.  He put this together exclusively for us. 


A change of pace in Abel Tasman where Rod takes us to a special little pool way out in the national park, where baby seals can be seen playing (in season). 

We helped talented chef, search & rescue specialist, hunter and funny man Tom Loughlin from the start.  As mentors to his operation we have been working together for a number of years now.  The relationship has become closer and closer, Jean-Michel is now on his board of directors, and yes - Tom now exclusively takes our clients.

Harvey is one of the big characters of New Zealand aviation.  With 25,000+ mountain flying hours under his belt, there's not a lot he hasn't seen.  In this clip we focus on some jetboating fun and a wild food heli picnic.  As well as being excellent at cooking the food, Harvey is a proficient hunter/gatherer and also one of the pilots in the country most knowledgeable about pounamu (greenstone, New Zealand jade). 

Andrei Kamenev is a legend in Russia, where he's one of National Geographic's top men.  He made this clip for us after we spent 10 days taking him around the country.  This focuses on the couple of days we spent in beautiful Fiordland in winter. 

And the full video which we broke into some of the clips above.  The "models" are all top agents affiliated to the super-elite Traveller Made network.  We were the launch partner in New Zealand and in their first year of awards, 2015, took away the award for "Most Creative Experience Designer".... in the world, us, a small home-grown New Zealand company.  We're still very proud about that.  And this was the first special road trip done by Traveller Made - you get the idea - we break new ground all the time.