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Hawkes Bay

Originally a gentleman farmer's region, and now supporting a very successful Chardonnay and Bordeaux blends wine growing industry, this is a great place to enjoy the softer and more artistic aspects of New Zealand. The art deco town of Napier and local artists are also enjoyable.

In 1931, when an earthquake ravaged Napier, enlightened locals rebuilt the centre entirely in Art Deco style.  I'm told every type of art deco feature is incorporated here.  This has contributed to the light, upbeat and stylish feeling of this city - if you're into that sort of thing, definitely worth a look.

This is a heavyweight winemaking area, with superb wines and excellent practices in existence.  If you love chardonnays, merlots, cabernets and now syrahs - then this is a wonderfully relaxed and sophisticated place to do so.  Especially around a meal at one of our winery restaurants.

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