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The Far North of New Zealand is known for it's warmth, beaches and sea life - together with a strong Maori community. Our clients would typically travel north to sail, fish, dive, or just spend time at the beach.

For New Zealanders, Northland means the beach, which in turn means active beach fun, swimming, surfing, windsurfing, diving and looking for seafood whether fished, spearfished, gathered or dived for.  Not many people know we have quite a few world records for gamefish in New Zealand.

A lovely way to enjoy the Far North is on the water.  This can mean relaxed sailing, or adrenaline sailing, or relaxed cruising or full-on gamefishing.  Boats can also include jetskis and other toys for the more energetic traveller.  There are also some kayak tours and coastal hikes.

The Far North also has a strong Maori community, namely from the fierce Nga Puhi tribe.  As well as fierce enemies they also make very good friends and are always keen to show people around their rohe (tribal area) and show who they are and how they became so.

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