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Big, big area. From remote gold mining communities to the funky student city of Dunedin. From high country farms to boutique wineries. Less obvious than Queenstown and therefore much less busy. Great for authentic travel with a few decent properties.

This large area can be accessed from Queenstown, or Olivers (Clyde) or Pen y Bryn (Oamaru).  Or a number of special cottages dotted around this remarkable landscape.  Five members of our team live in this area and know a few less obvious gems.  How about a few days with a lovely family way in the middle of nowhere on a sheep station graded in the five best in the country and natural outdoor activities of all types.

The Otago Peninsula and Stewart Island are two of the top wildlife areas in the country.  Accommodation is not obvious and not obviously luxurious, but the subject matter is well up there with the world's best.  From yellow eyed penguins to albatrosses and fur seals, we have access to a private bay where you can get up close to a few of these after the tour groups have all gone home.

Otago is one of the most historic areas of the country.  Immigration happened through Dunedin initially for high country farmers in the 1850s and then the gold rush of the 1860s (bigger than Klondike).  This is where wool and sheep were exported to England.  Many elements of this history remain, often on lovely private land and looked after by careful owners.

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