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Hiking in Southern Fiordland

We’ve been working with Steve Norris for a number of years. In our opinion the finest hiking and local tour guide in the area. So friendly and generous that everyone comments on it, but also carrying a real wealth and depth of knowledge about the area and its associated flora and fauna. Given an award by the Department of Conservation, he is highly respected by his peers and is one of those community and industry figures who brings people together and makes things happen. All for the good of the area, not for personal gain. Te Anau is fortunate to have Steve in the area and we’re extremely fortunate to be able to work with him to bring delight and fulfillment to our clients.

We do a number of different hiking trips with Steve.  Some with helicopters and jetboats.  Some by road.  Occasionally, we'll step onto one of the big well known hikes but at a time when we know the track isn't overloaded.  He also owns and runs an excellent transport company with whom we've developed some interesting variations on transfers and tours.  (eg. through the back of a 100,000 acre private farm instead of on the main road.)  

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