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Nga Puhi are renowned amongst Maori for their prowess at war. Maori in general (although Maori will be the first to tell you Maori do not exist - they know each other by their tribal names and Maori is a word used by Europeans) are phenomenal warriors, and there is a famous instance when a Maori warrior armed with a taiaha (quarterstaff) took on a Samurai warrior and ended up breaking their centuries-old sword.

Hone Mihaka is a Nga Puhi warrior descended from chiefs who signed the Treaty of Waitangi, the document signed with the British in 1840 and sometimes referred to as New Zealand's founding document.  Hone also spent some time with the New Zealand Army as well as some less formal Maori fighting elements. 

It was while fighting to preserve his peoples culture that Hone started his tourism company - we're proud to say we supported him from the start.  And Hone continues fighting today, representing his people with Treaty of Waitangi negotiations with the New Zealand Government.

Hone has an infectious enthusiasm for his culture and his people.  He is a born storyteller and has incredible depth of knowledge.  His descriptions and insights 

are second to none.  He recently guided for us a senior Jewish religious figure in search of spiritual places of significance.  The two got on extremely well. 

Your day with Hone can encompass Maori tactics, the invention of trench warfare just a short distance from his home, the Treaty of Waitangi - past and present - the art of using the taiaha, and the natural hot springs Maori warriors bathed in after battle. 

Even Hone's house has a link to the theme - being built on the basis of a hut used by soldiers of the renowned Maori Battalion.  Days with Hone can often overrun as there is so much to talk about, so we recommend a chauffeur to get you home before nightfall!

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