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A Spiritual Awakening Primer

We applaud the current interest around the world in wellness. We're also involved in this ourselves. In our usual vein of finding extraordinary people and experiences in New Zealand, we're delighted to present Lee Nelson, a modern guru.

Although most of our special experiences have some sort of long-term effect on people, this one should really come with a health warning as there is a distinct possibility it will change your lives.  Dr Lee Nelson -  known as the founder and owner of the iconic Split Apple Retreat, and less well known for winning poker tournaments, writing a wellness cookbook and a book on the prevention and cure of prostate cancer, as well as for a medical career before that -  has kindly agreed to our proposing a special retreat with him.  He is currently building a unique retreat in Golden Bay, but until it is completed this experience will take place at Split Apple Retreat itself.  After some consultation, Lee and Jean-Michel have put forward the following package:

• 4 nights full-board at the superb Split Apple Retreat, with the menu favouring light, mostly organic, spiritually-sensitive food
• 3 full days of special sessions with Lee himself, including an introductory session, guided meditations and shaktipat transfer, together with ongoing advice and further reading/music recommendations
• The sessions will be punctuated with specialist treatments by awakened therapists – a number of different massage and energy therapies, yoga exercises and cooking classes

The aim is to awaken the traveller as to what is possible, take the first few steps together, and then leave the traveller with the tools to continue along the path once they leave the Retreat.  Our director, Jean-Michel, is a close friend of Lee’s and is on the same path – which is why we are very keen to help make people aware of this possibility in a beautiful part of our country.

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