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Peak Period Bookings

For the period of December and January we are introducing our new peak period policy.  Itineraries for this time typically take a lot more effort, and there are significant staff overheads for working through public holidays.  As such, itineraries which fall into either of these two months will attract a 2.5% high season surcharge.

Country where you're based. Feel free to put several in. Allows us to get a feel for geographic spread.
How did you hear about us? Allows us to fine tune our communications.
Precise details if you have them or a rough idea if that's all you have.
Precise details if you have them or a rough idea if that's all you have.
Some places only have 1-3 rooms. We need to discount these in the planning process if you require more.
Some lodges do not accept children under a certain age.
Most lodges are small and provide limited choice on the day. Please let us know any allergies, foods you cannot eat and/or preferences. Then we can ensure your requirements are taken into consideration.
We often select where you go by understanding what you want to do.
This helps us recommend the right options to clients with differing budgets.
How well we do our job really depends on how well we understand you. So anything you can add to help us understand who you are and what you enjoy is of enormous help.
As part of your trip, we charge $100 to be contributed to a sustainable and important NZ project. Please tick which project you would like us to send your contribution to. If you would like to contribute more, please discuss this with your itinerary manager.