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Luxury New Zealand Itineraries - Unique Ways of Discovering Aotearoa

In the last 20 years we have never repeated an itinerary. Just imagine how much we must know about this country. So, luxury New Zealand itineraries are what we do and we do them well. We've won many many awards over the years and have a strong established base of clients we're proud of.

About ten or so years ago, we were approached by Forbes' Robb Report.  They wanted to profile us as one of ten destination specialists in an article which listed their top global picks.  They asked us to produce an "ultimate itinerary".  We sat down, as we usually do when someone asks us to think, and thought.  And thought.  And thought.....  

After a few days they contacted us again and asked why they hadn't heard anything.  Full of passion, determination, idealism and of course naivety, we responded that we couldn't come up with an ideal itinerary as what was ideal for one person was terrible for another.  They promptly asked us to design one of 'our' favourites.  Duh!  Now why couldn't we have thought of that?  So we came up with one, which was duly profiled.

Since then, every year when we look at this page we get confused.  Last year's favourite doesn't quite cut it.  Some people have moved on, others have appeared, some have gone off the boil, others have improved.  And that really laid-back itinerary for that spiritually minded couple just doesn't appeal to those people who would have preferred that high-adrenaline helicopter legend trip we did the year before.  So, we've ended up back where we started.  The very best luxury New Zealand itinerary we can show you is the one we design for you based on our understanding of you.  But in the meantime, have a look at these.....

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