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We specialise in luxury tourism (6, 5 and 4+ star) focused on connecting you with New Zealand through special people, places and activities.

We specialise in luxury NZ vacations

For over twenty years now we have been breaking new ground in connecting our clients to New Zealand.  Recognised over the years with multiple awards, our reputation is founded not only on what we call the "luxury basics" (flawless logistics, mastery of multiple levels of accommodation options) but on what we consider most important - experiences which surprise, delight, and provide food for thought for a very long time

In our twenty years of operation we have pioneered many "firsts" and are very proud to have never repeated an itinerary.  Given the complexity of a country, taken together with the complexity of an individual, couple or family - if a company like ours is doing its job properly, it should actually not be possible to repeat an itinerary.

So, welcome again, your internet searching has brought you somewhere real, populated by real people who understand the reality of New Zealand, and are prepared to work hard to make you as happy as possible.

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