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Our focus is on luxury vacations and private travel (6, 5 and 4+ star) which connects you with New Zealand through special people, places and activities.

We Specialise in New Zealand Luxury Holidays

Discover unforgettable luxury holidays and vacations in New Zealand with Ahipara Luxury Travel. We specialise in 6, 5 and 4+ star experiences, connecting you with New Zealand through special people, places and activities. We don't just sell luxury lodges and luxury accommodation. Each journey is crafted uniquely, reflecting your individuality and the essence of New Zealand's natural beauty and Maori culture. This makes for a truly special, authentic luxury travel experience that you will remember for many years.  

In our twenty years of operation we have pioneered many "firsts" and are very proud to have never repeated an itinerary we've created.  Given the complexity of a country, taken together with the complexity of an individual, couple or family - if a company like ours is doing its job properly, it should actually not be possible to repeat an exclusive itinerary when it comes to New Zealand tours.

We're not just a booking agency - we're a global leader in innovative, personal, responsive and experiential tourism based in New Zealand.  This was rewarded in 2018 with Traveller Made's award for creating the finest experiences in the world.  This is a tough insider award where the finest agencies in the world vote confidentially.

We only promote and sell responsible animal encounters and most definitely have nothing to do with places which hold whales, dolphins or porpoises in captivity.  We work closely with special people in New Zealand who are the true guardians of our natural environment, which we hold very dear. 

New Zealand promises a holiday of a lifetime, with its unparalleled landscapes, presenting a tapestry of destinations waiting to be explored. From the majestic mountains and rugged beauty of the South Island to the diverse wonders of New Zealand's North Island, there is something for every traveller. Discover the awe-inspiring Franz Josef Glacier or unwind in rejuvenating hot springs scattered across the country. Experience world-class fly fishing in pristine rivers, geothermal pools to soothe the senses, and adventurous excursions to explore the wilderness. When it comes to crafting the perfect escape, get inspired with our suggested itineraries, and leave the rest of your New Zealand luxury vacation to us. With its rich history, diverse landscapes, and endless opportunities for exploration, New Zealand is the ultimate destination for those seeking both adventures and relaxation.

So, welcome again, your internet searching has brought you somewhere real, populated by real people who understand the reality of New Zealand. With this in mind, we are prepared to work hard to make your New Zealand experience as happy as possible.

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