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Terms & Conditions

1. Booking and Payment

On confirmation of a itinerary proposal or event, the client agrees to pay a 25% non-refundable booking fee. This will allow Ahipara Limited  to make the necessary bookings for the itinerary to ensure firm bookings are held for the client.


If travel is not possible due to travel restrictions imposed for Covid-19 we will review on a case by case basis and where possible allocate the full deposit against future travel dates.
Cancellation due to Covid-19
If clients choose to cancel travel due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, the deposit will be refunded less a 7.5% fee of the total value of the itinerary plus any non-recoverable costs imposed by third parties.  The 7.5% fee covers the costs of itinerary preparation, confirmation and cancellation.

The final non-refundable payment of the final balance is due 10 weeks before the commencement of the event or arrival in New Zealand, or when any cancellation penalties come into force for a particular service – whichever is the earlier.

Ahipara Limited has the right to cancel any arrangements and bookings made for the client if full payment is not received before the event or arrival in country and the client acknowledges and agrees that Ahipara Limited will classify the trip or event as a cancelled booking until full payment has been received by Ahipara Limited.

During the itinerary or event, Ahipara Ltd agrees that the client may elect to change parts of the itinerary due to weather or personal circumstances.  In the event of any change or cancellation by the client, Ahipara will use its best endeavours to obtain any refund where a pre-payment has been made. The client agrees that any cancellation may result in a 100% charge against the deposit resulting in no refund particularly in the event of the client cancelling accommodation bookings.

When additional services are requested by the client in country, the client is required to provide to the Itinerary Manager credit card details together with an authority to make payment against that credit card for payment to be made for the additional service.

In the event the credit card details and authority are not provided to the Itinerary Manager contemporaneously with the request for the additional services then the client agrees and accepts that the additional service request will not be actioned.

A post itinerary or event reconciliation of the client’s account will be completed by Ahipara Ltd, and any payment due in respect of any additional booking, service, activities or accommodation provided to the client that has not been paid for by the client to Ahipara will be charged to the clients credit card by Ahipara 14 days after issuance by Ahipara of its invoice..

 In the event that Ahipara Ltd has been able to obtain any refund for or on behalf of the client then, Ahipara will make such refund payment to the client or offset this credit against any payment due within 14 days of completion of the reconciliation of the client’s final account. 


If for any reason any payment due by the client remains outstanding after completion of the client’s reconciliation , Ahipara retains the right to recover any and all legal costs in relation to the recovery of the unpaid account both within New Zealand and elsewhere.

Ahipara and the client acknowledge that this Agreement is governed by the Laws of New Zealand and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the New Zealand Courts in respect of all matters relating to it.

All or any fine, debt or charge of any nature whatsoever, including legal costs incurred by the client while in country are and remain the sole responsibility of the client.


2. Liability

The safety of Ahipara Limited’s clients is of paramount importance to it.

Ahipara Ltd will at all times use all reasonable endeavour to ensure that each activity it is involved with, whether it undertakes the activity directly or the activity is undertaken by a third party on its’ behalf, is undertaken within appropriate safety guidelines.

The client acknowledges and understands that participation in any activity may involve a degree of risk and that the client takes responsibility for choosing to partake in that activity.

The client acknowledges and understands that Ahipara Ltd does not under any circumstances guarantee the safety of clients participating in any activity and expressly excludes all liability howsoever arising in relation to the personal injury of any such client or the loss of or damage to any property of any client or third party.

At all times Ahipara  reserves the right to cancel, add to or amend without notice any scheduled activity due to weather conditions or any safety concern whatsoever including client unsuitability for any activity..

3. Payments made by Visa and Mastercard incur a 2.5% processing fee. Payments made by AMEX incur a 3.5% processing fee.  Payments made by bank transfer incur no processing fee.

4. All quotations and costs are provided in NZ$. In the event the client makes payment in US$ or another currency, the client accepts that they will make up the difference in NZ$ should the NZ$ amount received be less than the total NZ$ invoice amount.

5. The management fee is calculated on the full value of the original itinerary and is non-refundable regardless of any cancellations while in-country.

6. Ahipara strongly recommends that the client obtains appropriate insurance to cover all services included in the itinerary.