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Here are a number of example itineraries, including mostly copies of real itineraries we have developed for clients. You can see that they vary quite widely which is not surprising given that in 20 years of business we have never repeated an itinerary. These examples therefore reflect the personalities and preferences of real people, just like your itinerary will be designed just for you. In the last 20 years we have developed hundreds of these custom itineraries.

Ebooks Samples

Stewart Island, 7 days
As domestic travel opens and our bubbles extend, take the opportunity to explore Stewart Island
Ultimate Multi-Generational Family Vacation
A special itinerary put together for that special family vacation for all the generations to enjoy
Luxury Lodges and More
A vacation that connects you to locals in New Zealand through exclusive experiences
A Touch of Luxury
Travel in luxury and enjoy some adventure before relaxing at some of our more intimate properties
Combo of Luxury, Camping and Adventure
A vacation that has you staying at some of New Zealands top lodges and then the next night camping n
21 Days = Time
Time to really explore equals time to understand a new country through some unique experiences
Family Holiday - Active
A super fun active vacation for the whole family to enjoy - young and old
A Tale Of Three Carvings
The ultimate cultural tour connecting you to NZ's soul.
Sophisticated Adventure
High adrenaline adventure combined with some of the country's top lodges
A Gastronomic Lovefest
An exciting food adventure from North to South
Maori and Spiritual Sites
Our first ever group tour - an insider's discovery of spirituality in New Zealand
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