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Our Awards

We have won fairly much every award available in travel. As we all know though, some awards are worth more than others. These are useful to us in increasing our visibility to a wider audience who otherwise wouldn't know about us.

Unfortunately, some publications have recently not been investing in properly researching who they give awards to, so those lists are increasingly devalued.  And we have to decide whether the increased publicity is worth being a member of a list which is not what it purports to be.  One example is Conde Nast's Top Specialist List, which we have been members of since 2012.  This year we are not re-applying for inclusion on the list despite being asked to, as we don't want to rub shoulders with companies which are basically marketing fronts and have no chance of delivering what we deliver on the ground here in New Zealand.

One award we are particularly proud of, was the inaugural Traveller Made award for providing the finest authentic experiences in the world.  Quite apart from being accurate, this award is confidentially voted on by the world's finest agencies.  People who have experience of satisfying demanding clients day after day, and receiving their feedback after the fact.

Traveller Made recently went one step further and developed an invitation-only meta-luxury group called The Edge.  We were invited.  Only 25 destination specialists/properties were invited.  And only 25 top agencies.  We're proud to be a part of this.

The other one we really like is Wendy Perrin's WOW List.  Wendy was the brains behind the Conde Nast list and ensured that list incorporated only the best she could find.  We've been on her new independent list since it started.  She also receives detailed feedback from the clients she refers to us and manages the list well.  

We've also had mentions from various Robb Reports and other exclusive global travel publications.  It's a fact of life that each article stands by the professionalism of its journalists and editors - and sometimes you get good ones who research and know what they're writing about, but all too often it's a rushed and under-resourced job.