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Greenhill - Hawke's Bay

The Hawkes Bay is undergoing an understandable tourism boom. Previously, most itineraries went south to Rotorua and then flew to the South Island. The emergence of Hawkes Bay as a lovely destination has added an extra step to many itineraries. We like to characterise this region as a gentleman farmer region, and Greenhill Lodge is the historic home of several generations of such gentlemen farmers.

The area is relaxed - very New Zealand, beautiful coastline, established and superb wineries, and the art deco gem of Napier in the middle of it.  If beaches, wine and art deco appeal to you together with an escape from volume tourism destination, take a little detour (as Michelin say) to Hawkes Bay.  The rolling hills of the hinterland and accessible mountains further inland also make for some interesting views and places.

Set in rural surroundings, Greenhill Lodge is a classic homestead which has hosted the late Queen Mother in her time.  The hosts are intelligent and sensitive, and the service of course impeccable.  The historic property has been impeccably renovated and maintained which means you can really enjoy the history while not giving up any of your comfort.