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Huka Lodge - Taupo

Huka Lodge has long been known as the pioneer of our luxury lodges in Taupo, blazing the trail for our current world-class line-up. Award after award has attested to its pre-eminence. But all was not always right. A few years ago we used to not recommend Huka as some clients weren't that happy with the service they received.

But thankfully that is all a thing of the past.  Huka has re-discovered its friendliness and hospitality and staff are excellent.  The design and grounds have always been faultless, but the new 'vibe' running through the place has really lifted it to the extent that when I am asked which are the top lodges in New Zealand, Huka is now always there.  We in the travel design business love it when a place lives up to its marketing as it makes our job so much easier.  A combination of superb design, smooth service and the all-important human touch make this place really quite special. 


We have had quite a number of seriously high-end clients who have left Huka saying it was the best experience of their lives.  And they travel regularly to all the best places. 

So yes, if you are prepared to spend what they ask, Huka is worthwhile.  In conjunction with our fresh and exciting exclusive activities it has made Taupo very popular with a number of our clients.  And it definitely holds the number one spot for luxury accommodation Taupo.