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Point Villas - Taupo

This is a wonderful private alternative in the Taupo region, used by visiting luxury travellers who either want their own space or who want some privacy. Some very recognizable people stayed here rather than in one of the luxury lodges in Taupo.

The Point Villas are two 2-bedroom villas, beautifully appointed, with swimming pools.  They are situated in a gated community about 10 minutes drive from the centre of Taupo, right next to the community's tennis courts.

The villas are run by the incomparable Peg Bull, a highly experienced pioneer in the New Zealand luxury lodge sector and a lady of superb style.

Local chefs can be brought in for a cooking class or simply to cook, or larders can be stocked to your specification, or you can be free to wander into town and try various restaurants.  Most of our clients love eating at home and relaxing.