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Community & Sustainability

We have always been a progressive company who for the last 20 years have been working with Maori; employing young Mums with a flexible work-from-home schedule to allow them to manage their children; working with ethical operators; giving back to communities with donations; conserving energy in our daily operations; giving of our time to help suppliers develop and so on. People who work with us know this and we enjoy a superb reputation of high integrity. These days, however, it is not enough to do these things naturally, one must now have a policy around them. This, then, is our policy.

  1. Diversity – gender, race, ability (disability) – we are welcoming to all people
  2. Community engagement – support for local initiatives – pest control, Orca research, Maori youth
  3. Employment opportunities – all genders, race, ability – empowering our people with flexible working terms, paying above living wage, opportunity for working mums
  4. Cultural – engagement with Maori communities
  5. Environment – solar, limited carbon footprint, sustainability leadership, work from home, no paper vouchers, itineraries etc.
  6. Health and Safety – Qualmark endorsed, covid ready, robust systems
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