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Community & Sustainability

Ahipara Mission – to design itineraries to provide meaningful connection to New Zealand for all of our clients by working with suppliers who hold similar values as Ahipara, valuing people and place and working sustainably.

Post Covid19, our aim is to be build a stronger, more resilient business and to be able to demonstrate our commitment to ensuring we provide increasing value to our team, our business partners, our clients and our community. 

We have developed metrics that we can track to ensure we continue to improve year on year.  We now have:

  • Measured our Carbon Footprint – as at 31 March 2022, our carbon footprint per employee was 9 tCO2e verified by EKOS New Zealand.  Through our partnership with Trees That Count we have mitigated these emissions by donating native trees which are planted in local projects. 
  • We have set-up a system for our clients to have their itineraries carbon footprint measured and have the opportunity to mitigate these in local programmes.
  • We measure our donations to the community as a percentage of our turnover to ensure that as we grow our contribution also grows in proportion.
  • We have measured the amount of investment we make in training and upskilling our team to ensure continued opportunity for personal growth.
  • For over 15 years we have operated remotely, with all members of our team working from home and maintaining a work/life balance.  This has allowed us to provide the opportunity to young mothers to return to work and be a stay at home parent if they choose.
  • We are inclusive offering opportunity to all races, gender and ability – our current mix is 80% female, 20% male, 40% New Zealander, 40% European, 20% Asian.
  • We are involved with community driven programmes and have donated time and money to the Hollyford Conservation Trust, money to the Save the Orcas fund, money to Fiordland Pest Control and money to Maori youth programmes.
  • We seek feedback from all our clients on our performance and in 2022/23 will be measuring our Net Promoter Score and displaying this on our website as clients come back.
  • We support and mentor Maori experiences throughout the county providing the opportunity for individuals to share their culture and place with our clients.  This is encouraged in each itinerary.
  • We uphold the TIAKI promise and include education about how to travel safely with respect and care through our country in each itinerary.
  • We encourage all our team to hold each of us accountable to our Mission.
  • We are QUALMARK endorsed, demonstrating our commitment to the Health and Safety of our team and our clients.
  • We are involved in the Business Mentors NZ programme offering support to small business owners.
  • Our main office is solar powered and operates with minimal paper and zero transport costs.
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