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Andy McKay - North Island Helicoptering

Andy McKay has been our “go to” helicopter pilot since 2004. He and Jean-Michel used to guide clients as a team. Andy’s extensive contacts, flying know-how, and engaging personality made him a natural fit for intelligent people with enquiring minds. Added to that, a genuine interest in explaining what’s happening on the ground allied to excellent flying skills make him a top grade guide/pilot in our opinions.

Some photos from "back in the day" and some other more recent ones. North Island beaches and islands are very special from the air - something often overlooked by the travel industry.

Initially a member of the Police Force , then a detective in the rural community of the Wairarapa, then running his own helicopter operation until the GFC,  he then flew helicopters throughout South East Asia whilst living in Jakarta and Bali Indonesia with his family.  Andy now works as Head of Standards - (Helicopter) with our Civil Aviation Authority.  He’s been in that role now for a number of years which means he is unfeasibly well connected throughout the flying community in New Zealand.  His role also has him working in Europe and the USA for up to 3 months each year with the helicopter manufacturers learning and approving the latest helicopter advancements.  He also sits on a number of international safety panels.

He grew up on a north island sheep station and retains very strong rural connections on the east coast of the north island.   His Maori ancestry is with Ngāti Rongomaiwahine

Andy has agreed with the CAA that he can take some time off to pursue tourism opportunities and that has resulted in the reunion of the old team.  We are now working hard with Andy refreshing our portfolio of helicopter related activities mainly in the North Island so we can show more travellers how locals use helicopters in New Zealand.

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