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Bevan Climo - The Heart of Pounamu (jade)

Bevan brings to life the West Coast for us. Quite a character, as most true West Coasters are, he blends being the descendant of the last Paramount Chief and a superb pounamu carver with a lot of humour and fronting a Bluegrass band we've had playing for our clients on a number of occasions.

Some of the shapes and patterns of Bevan's pounamu are simply breathtaking.

Pounamu (jade), also known as greenstone in New Zealand is in our opinions the soul stone of the country.  Famously harder than steel and in quite a number of different patterns and mixes, the finished product in the hands of a master is really quite breathtaking.  

Bevan can introduce you to his art, taking you to the Arahura River (the heart of the matter) and looking for some, talking about what it means to him, showing his workshop and some of his special pieces.  If budget allows, add a helicopter and he can take you to some remote boulders far from any road, and showcase even more natural beauty.

If you have time, we also recommend meeting some of Bevan's friends, usually over a beer, and understanding the pace of West Coast life.

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