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Edgy Art in Auckland

A one-of-a-kind contemporary art experience in New Zealand.

New Zealand is a very young country; we were the last place on earth to be settled by humans. So whilst we don’t have the artistic legacy of Europe, our story is one of freshness and modernity – our contemporary artists are held in high regard for their unique vision and expression around the world. Designed for art lovers and creatively minded people, this experience will introduce you to one of New Zealand’s leading contemporary artists; you will learn their story first-hand and be inspired by their life’s work. A range of artists are available to meet with you from a range of disciplines, including painters, ceramicists, sculptors and photographers. Based on your personal interests, an artist will be matched to you and a copy of their professional bio will be supplied at time of booking.

Just like with food, the Auckland Art scene is really quite exciting, strong on innovation and creativity.

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