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“Ko te mahi o te Ariki, ko te aroha me te manaaki” “The service of a high chief is the compassion and caring for the people” The Māori phrase Kai Waho can be translated as outdoor cuisine. It can also describe a master, or teacher, of the ways of the wilderness.

Tom Loughlin, like many of our key partners, is an old friend.  Multi-talented chef, outdoorsman, search and rescue tracker, hunting guide and repository of Maori knowledge about food.  Gathering, planting, hunting, preparing, storing, cooking, eating - we have been creating experiences with Tom for over ten years now.  Kai Waho is Tom's company, bringing Maori food experiences to our travellers.

These experiences can happen up in the mountains on a 5,000 acre block of Maori land which Tom has been managing for ten years, or near a geothermal reserve, or by a lake, on a beach, and so on.  We have created many of these experiences with Tom based on the specific interests of our clients, and continue to innovate every year.  Tom's warmth, values and combined Maori/Irish humour make his days some of our clients favourites. 

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