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Oamaru Region

This is New Zealand's first Geopark - a geopark is a defined area which celebrates, preserves and educates people about the geological, natural and cultural aspects within its borders. In this case it is limestone, Maori history, early settler history, wine and cheese. This is an excellent place to understand the early European days in New Zealand.

This area provides an excellent insight into the making of modern New Zealand.  Multiple waves of influences have resulted in a really lovely area imbuing some of the finest aspects of this country.  And we're happy to say this area is also well off the beaten track and has some excellent accommodation available.

Some of those waves are:

  • ancient limestone geological structures
  • early Maori cave art
  • early settlers and sheep
  • slightly later settlers and the gold rush
  • refrigeration and the creation of the "protein bridge" with the UK
  • excellent wine and cheese in the modern era


A refreshing change from what's available in the rest of the country 

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