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Takaro Lodge - A Highly Unusual Place

Takaro Lodge - A Highly Unusual Place

Takaro Lodge is not what one would expect. Not a "discerning" place for the lodge trophy hunters. No ties for dinner. No lists of sanctioned local activities. No "children not allowed" rules. And no spa which only pays lip service to modern spa techniques.

This is a place where relaxation is king. Where relaxation is studied, taught and implemented. Where modern relaxation techniques have been developed from a number of sources around the world. The headline products here are relaxation and rejuvenation.

The chalets have roofs covered in grass; there is a playground which has been developed and built in-house and is highly imaginative; acres of grass; rooms in striking colours selected according to the treatment which accords best with individuals; free range eggs which are the most vivid orange we have ever seen; innovative healthy cooking of a very high standard (a nice break after all those unidentifiable and complex mixes lodges seem to feel compelled to put out) - and all the time emphasis on the client as king. On relaxation as the ultimate goal.

A dangerous place to stop - you may want to relax here for quite a while!

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