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Southern Fiordland Helicopter Tour Highlights

Welcome aboard, discerning travellers, to a realm where luxury meets the untouched beauty of nature.

The South Island in New Zealand is stunning to explore by helicopter. Southern Fiordland, at the island's south tip, is a hidden treasure that illustrates why our country is unique. 

Local legends, Southern Fiordland Helicopter Tours, have been ensuring an incredible experience on each journey. They created the renowned Fiordland masterpiece, Ata Whenua, and have a strong connection with Southern Fiordland. 

To give you a taste of what you can experience here are our highlights through the majestic landscapes of Fiordland. 

Southern Fiordland the Hidden Gem 

The Southern expanse is distinct - remote, profound, veiled in mystery. Picture cascading waterfalls that plunge into the pristine fjords, ancient rainforests cloaked in mist, and snow-capped peaks that pierce the heavens. 

During your helicopter flight, a canvas of nature's grandeur unfolds beneath you in breathtaking panoramas. 

The area is only accessible by helicopter or sea, which makes it one of the most isolated areas in New Zealand. The extended flying time due to this area's remoteness ensures this is a sanctuary away from the masses. 

Hidden Gems Unveiled 

Your flight will give you a bird's eye view of secret waterways, secluded beaches, and emerald-green valleys that can only be accessed from the air. An exclusive privilege, reserved for those seeking the extraordinary, is available. 

The landscape carved by ancient glaciers over 20,000 years ago is considered one of the most exquisite and pristine environments in the world. Our experienced pilots, akin to skilled artists, navigate the labyrinthine fjords, unveiling hidden gems nestled within the rugged landscapes. 

Our hosts guide you over Doubtful Sound, detouring into a unique hanging valley known as Campbell's Kingdom, complete with its own lake and waterfall. On over a multitude of fiords and into the Dusky Sound, one of Fiordland's largest and most remote fiords. More than 350 small islands dot the forty km-long Dusky Sound. 

Historically rich, Dusky Sound was home to Māori tribes who hunted moa in its forests. Europeans first sighted it in 1770 when James Cook noted its entrance on his first voyage around New Zealand. He consequently spent two months exploring the sound on his return voyage in 1773. 

Wildlife Haven 

The Southern Fiordland is not only a spectacle of mountains and fjords but a sanctuary for diverse wildlife. Witness colonies of fur seals basking on sun-soaked rocks, pods of Bottlenose dolphins, and rare bird species soaring high above. You might even get a glimpse of one of New Zealand's rarest birds the Fiordland Crested Penguin. 

Local helicopter tour operators have been assisting the Department of Conservation in the area for many years. Developing strong relationships with the local rangers opens access to environments where wildlife is thriving. They help you navigate the strict environmental protocols to ensure the ecology of the area remains pristine. 

Gourmet Picnic in the Sky 

Elevate your culinary experience as we land on a pristine peak for a gourmet picnic. Picture savouring delicacies crafted by our private chefs, surrounded by the untouched beauty of Fiordland. Sip on champagne as you relish indulgence's flavours amidst the Southern Alps' serenity. 

Join Us for a Custom Helicopter Tour 

As your private helicopter lifts off, get ready to experience a symphony of sights that defy imagination. From waterfalls and rainforests to wild animals and seal colonies, a Fiordland highlights helicopter tour will give you the chance to experience an untouched wilderness. 

You'll find yourself forever changed by the enchantment of nature's opulence.  

So, dear traveller, leap into the extraordinary, where the Southern Fiordland reveals its most captivating secrets, one breathtaking vista at a time. 

Let us craft you a journey. Get in touch for the experience of a lifetime. 

Posted by Jean-Michel Jefferson on March 01, 2024