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Spiritual Travel - a New Movement

Around 2017 we had a look at what we were doing and coined the term Meaningful Travel - never the ones to stand still, we've taken this as far as it can go and can now offer some truly transformational spiritual travel in New Zealand

And why do we believe it's "the thing" and how are we so sure what we can do is "transformational"?  As usual, the answer is because we are leading by example.  Over the last few years Jean-Michel has been studying, identifying, visiting sacred places, meeting with special spiritual healers and energy workers, doing the work himself, participating in ceremonies and being right at the forefront of this global movement.

Over these last few years only people with their heads buried under rocks will not have noticed the spiritual resurgence around the world.  Tired of leaders who dodge, mislead and always seem to do very well personally, people have been going within for answers, for meaningful direction.  This has put many people on spiritual paths and brought spirituality back towards the mainstream from its exile by the powers of production, profit and politics.

Look around you and compare the spiritual landscape to how it was five years ago - I would put money on it having changed radically.

A secondary meaning for the Maori word for New Zealand, Aotearoa, is The Long Bright Land.  In spiritual terms, light is everything positive - self growth, evolution, selflessness.  A number of people have been visiting our sacred sites and performing ceremonies there geared towards earth healing.  Putting the light back into the earth.  Have you ever wondered why everything around you in this country looks so bright?  This country is a leader in the spiritual regeneration of the world.

We were lucky enough to plan a trip for one of these special people, the Admor of Malta, a number of years ago, and I believe it's his influence which started us in this direction.  Have you ever noticed how the energy around truly holy people is quite special?

So - we can all agree that mindless consumerism is hopefully something of the past and that the future will bring us fewer self-obsessed types.  Thank you to this past for helping us to grow our business but we're off to the future right now. 

People now care more about their environment, about their impact on a country, and place more weight on having some meaning in their trip or even helping in some way while they are in New Zealand.  That's excellent.  But if their minds are open to experiencing something truly radical, we would welcome them to join us in a trip where we can introduce them to sacred sites, special people, and actually help us with the work of healing the planet.  Inexperienced but enthusiastic types are just as welcome as those who are already on the path.  And as you can probably guess, these spiritual places are really quite beautiful - standing out even in a country as beautiful as New Zealand.

If I'm looking very long term at where travel is headed, it's very much towards these positive areas.  Opening children's eyes as to the true nature and beauty of the world.  Refreshing adults by helping them slow and rejuvenate and put the elements of their lives in the right place.  Welcoming all those who want to bathe in our sacred energies or even better to work with them.  We can teach, we can guide, as that is what we are.  


Posted by Jean-Michel Jefferson on June 17, 2021