The Haast River, just down from Haast Pass


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Horse Trekking

Horse Trekking - hunting

The other area we want to seriously look at is horse riding in New Zealand.  In the past, we have set up ad hoc luxury horseriding on private estates with a gathered seafood (abalone!) lunch, or visits to private equine establishments.  What we are now doing is turning our attention to developing more permanent horse riding and...
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People Are Important Too

People Are Important Too - hunting

One of the things I really enjoy about my job is continuously meeting special, wonderful people. Not just our clients, who can be tremendously entertaining, but the special people we select to make their time in this country memorable. Recently we planned and trialled another special day. This time it was the Southern Alps by helicopter - a...
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Wild Food - Maori Style

Wild Food - Maori Style - hunting

Somewhere between Taupo and Napier lies a 5,000 acre block of land.  Access is either by helicopter or modified four-wheel drive vehicle.  It is remote, very remote.  It's also high, beautiful land, stretching from an elevated river plateau up to mountains still covered in native bush and trees.  On the land are a number of...
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Hunting, Fishing and Super Luxury

Hunting, Fishing and Super Luxury - hunting

The best of New Zealand's hunting and fishing in ultimate luxury.
This is an itinerary which was designed for a group of people who didn't want to move around much and who wanted to experience the best of hunting and fishing in New Zealand.  The best time of year for hunting and fishing in New Zealand is March/April.  If there are...
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Family - Super Luxury and Active

Family - Super Luxury and Active - hunting

A top-grade New Zealand itinerary designed for an active family with absolutely no limit on spending.
This itinerary was deisgned on request.  Our brief was to put together the very best New Zealand had to offer for a family of four.  Cost was immaterial and quality and exclusivity were paramount as were comfort, relaxation and...
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Mike Yates - Hunter and Fisherman

Mike Yates - Hunter and Fisherman - hunting

Mike Yates has lived on the West Coast of the South Island for many years.  As usual with the people we find interesting he has had a colourful past - former professional hunter, professional fisherman, jetboater, whitebaiter, glacier guide - he has had a life made up of the experiences he now shares with our clients. Mike and his...
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Silver Pine - Lake Wanaka

Silver Pine - Lake Wanaka - hunting

Silver Pine is a special place.  The view from this small lodge is the closest thing we have seen to the view from a helicopter, the place is owner-hosted by a delightful couple, the food is excellent and the location fantastic. With only four rooms, Silver Pine is probably the smallest lodge we recommend.  Built high up on a ledge...
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Treetops - Rotorua

Treetops - Rotorua - hunting

Treetops is a traditional hunting/fishing style lodge set remotely in its extensive acres 30 minutes outside Rotorua.  The land around is all native bush and abundant in wildlife.  The lodge itself has a very grand main building where the lounges, kitchen and dining room are located together the a 'lodge wing' of 4 rooms.  This...
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Майк Ятес - Охотник и рыбак

Майк Ятес - Охотник и рыбак - hunting

Майк Ятес прожил на Западном побережье острова Южный много лет. Как обычно, для нас интересно то, что у него было колоритное прошлое. Бывший профессиональный охотник и профессиональный...
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Breath-Taking VIP

Breath-Taking VIP - hunting

Firstly I would like to thank you for a wonderful trip you organized for our clients. To say they are happy is to say nothing. I'm sure they fell in love with your lovely country and will get back many times! You are the highest professionals, attentive and client-oriented. Thank you for taking care of our VIPs It is a real pleasure to...
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