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Service - what's that?

Service - what's that?

I'm a big believer in using examples to illustrate points.  Everyone goes on about "service" and a lot of people really have no idea what it means or how it can impact on a holiday.  Just a few days ago I received this email below as well as permission to reproduce it.  It eloquently illustrates how service was enjoyed by this really very nice couple.  Thanks again guys for the feedback - Zuzana still has a big smile on her face :)



We are fully back to reality and our daily lives, but our trip to New Zealand was truly an incredible and memorable experience. We couldn't have asked for more... except another week or two or three!

I'm a big proponent of honest feedback in order to help improve businesses and services. It is rare that I don't have something to provide in the way of constructive criticism. In this case, I honestly can't think of anything that I could complain about or even suggest for improvement. All aspects of our experience with Ahipara were top-notch and all the providers of lodging, guides, and activities that Ahipara partners with were outstanding. I usually can point to pricing or cost as some sort of issue, but I truly felt all prices and costs were reasonable and now after our vacation I feel we truly got our money's worth and more!

When we were first considering a vacation to New Zealand and being practically on the other side of the globe, I knew we'd need local help.  However, we've never been the type of people that go with average and never go with generic or crowded "tourist" tours. Finding Ahipara was a stroke of luck and research and gut feeling.

The entire cycle of vacation and trip planning to execution and logistics to providing unique experiences with professional and personal touches was fantastic and high caliber.

I know Ahipara is a team effort and I want to thank Jean-Michel for the initial vacation ideas and overall owning and operating a great firm. Much more though I want to thank you, Zuzana, for all your help and hand-holding, outstanding planning and service, and great personal touches, sense of humor, and attention to detail.

All the activities we jointly planned were awesome, and we loved (yes.. Loved!) The Dairy and Paul and Matt, and Silverpine (Mike and Sue were great, but Roy the dog stole the show!). We didn't miss a beat in the planning of the trip and a close to last minute adjustments of the itinerary turned out even better than original plans (the Middle Earth helo-hike with Mark and Alpine helo was unbelievable!). Once we landed and began our vacation, it was really nice to be checked in on and when weather impacted you were well ahead of things and coordinated adjustments without missing a beat. Your "partnership" and skills and welcoming personality really made our vacation unforgettable and the experiences and memories we now have are priceless.

We hope to someday return to New Zealand and hope to stay for a bit longer! I have no qualms in recommending Ahipara highly and enthusiastically.

If you're ever in Washington D.C. we'll host drinks and dinner on us!


C & S

Arlington, Virginia, USA

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